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When you are about to go on holiday, the anticipation of the new experiences that await you makes you very excited. You look forward to discovering new places, finding new things to see and do, eating different food in new restaurants, exploring a new culture.

Lake Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes. The water is clear and fresh and the beaches are clean and fun, but did you know that the region has so much to offer besides the lake.

Whether you prefer beach holidays, mountain holidays or city breaks, whether your interests lie in culture, history, gastronomy or alternative activities such as hiking or water sports, Lake Garda has it all. In fact, during the course of a holiday in Lake Garda you can experience all of the above. The variety of Lake Garda ensures that it will appeal to everyone. The young, the old or somewhere in between, single’s, couple’s and family’s will all find the perfect holiday.

Maybe, like us, you fell in love with Lake Garda and have broken your habit of never to return to the same holiday destination. We don’t blame you, Lake Garda is so enchanting, and there is so much to do and see and eat, that future visits are a necessity, if not to do the things you didn’t get done on the first visit, then to revisit the places you fell in love with.

Our aim is to help make your holiday special, by providing you with information of the many things to do in to Lake Garda. I’m sure these pages will intensify your anticipation, as you read about some of our favourite Lake Garda restaurants, walks and cantina’s. We will tell you about some of the fantastic activities that you can include in a holiday to Lake Garda such as golf, wakeboarding, canyoning and fishing. Find information on holiday properties, recipe ideas for relaxed evenings in, book reviews for your holiday read, language tips to help endear you to the locals.

We want to create a community for people who lovelakegarda and your contribution to the site will be greatly appreciated. We invite you to go to the pages to leave comments and join in the polls, write reviews of our restaurants and golf courses, and tell us about the ones that you discovered. Why not go to the blog page and tell us about anything that you did on your holiday that others should know about. Whether it’s a place you visited, a vineyard you discovered, a beach you uncovered, your favourite dish, a recipe ideas or a book you read, we would love to hear about it.

Also, feel free to ask questions, maybe you want to find out a specific piece of information that is not included in our pages, we may not know the answer right away, but if we can help we will.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Buon vacanza!

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